Saturday, January 16, 2021

    Legislative obstacles

    Date: May 30th 2020
    Time: 12am-3am CDT
    Anchor Org:
    Faith 2 Action

    Purpose: We’ve completed 6 hours of cultural and testimonial prayers. Now it’s time to pray for the state and federal legislative processes and for the governmental leaders involved. We will also intercede for the 2020 election outcomes in critical states, and for new voter engagement from the church to stand up and speak out.

    Janet Porter AR Senator Jason Rapert
    Fmr. Majority Leader Tom DeLay
    TX Rep. Brisco Cain
    OH Rep. Ron Hood
    SC Rep John McCravy
    MI Corey Shankleton
    and many more!
    12-2 AM CDT
    Sue RoweUS Watch2-3 AM CDT